The organizations of Holy Trinity Parish are the embodiment of our parish community. They are where regular people learn and teach, get help and give help, and demonstrate their faith as active members of the community. You are invited to join with the individuals of these organizations in helping make our community a better place to live. To find out more about an organization, click on its name below.

  • Holy Trinity Parish Pastoral Council – 2017

    • Erin McCracken – mccracken.erinp@gmail.com
    • Debbie Neugebaur =-neudebbie@aol.com
    • Patty Stano – pattyrocky02@yahoo.com
    • Bill Dyakon – bdyakon@roadrunner.com
    • James Walczak – jwalczak@mijb.com
    • Marcia Nitczynski – nitczynski@ehca.org
    • Marc Moore – moriav@aol.com
  • Parish Catholic Education Program

    PCEP Board Members:

    • Mike Fahey
    • Michele Koszegi
    • Debbie Neugebauer
    • Kelly Titus

    The Parish Catholic Education Program, known to many as PCEP, is a unique program at our Parish.

    When our elementary school closed in June of 1997, the parish, realizing the value of a Catholic education, created this program through the foresight of its Pastor, Fr. David Maciukiewcz, to ensure that the children of our parish would be able to continue to receive a Catholic education. The program provides for tuition assistance for parish families who wish to have their children attend Catholic schools.

    Families who participate in PCEP are able to send their child/children to an elementary or high school in the Erie Diocese. Families are required to participate in parish activities throughout the year in order to receive financial assistance with their tuition. The major parish activity our families assists with and chairs is ZABAWA.

    Fundraising is vital to this program. Families are also required to take an active part in all fundraising projects. Some projects include the making of pierogis, and the Christmas and Easter Markets.

    The children also take an active role in our parish. Many of them are altar servers. They are also involved in parish activities throughout the year. We are very fortunate to have such a program at Holy Trinity.

    If you would like more information about this program, please click on the links below or contact the rectory office at 456-0671.

  • Ushers’ Society

    The Holy Trinity Catholic Usher’s Society provides ushers for all Masses at Holy Trinity Church and aids the Church in carrying out various social activities such as ZABAWA and the Polish Mardi Gras. The Society also sponsors an annual family Communion Breakfast and a pre-election candidate meet and greets (Get Togethers) on the Sunday prior to the Primary and General Election Days.

    The regular meetings are held he last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

    New members, both male and female, are always welcome.

    The officers of the Society are:

    • President: George “Skip” Ignaczak
    • Vice-President: C. Ted Dombrowski
    • Recording Secretary: Edward Korytowski
    • Treasurer: David Slomski