Holy Trinity Rosary Society

Founded Over 100 Years Ago

Holy Trinity Rosary Society

The Holy Trinity Rosary Society holds its meetings on the second Sunday of each month, 1:00 PM in the winter and 2:00 PM in the summer.

All meetings begin with the recitation of the Rosary. Business meetings are usually followed by a snack and bingo.

Each election day, the Rosary Society hosts a soup/sandwich sale. We also volunteer our services for Zabawa and other parish activities. Any monies raised are put towards the upkeep of Holy Trinity Church.


  • President: Helen Skrzypczak
  • Vice President: Sally Truchanowicz
  • Secretary: Loretta Lipinski
  • Treasurer: Lillian Przepierski
2220 Reed Street, Erie, Pennsylvania, 16503-2196 | Rectory: (814) 456-0671 | Fax: (814) 461-1150
Swietej Trojcy Rzymsko-Katolicka Parafia